Ready To Become An Owner/Operator? 4 Reasons You Should Choose A Used Semi Truck

If you're tired of working for someone else and you're ready to become an owner/operator, it's time to start looking at trucks. You could buy a brand new truck, but you'd end up wasting your money. Brand new trucks may have that "new truck" smell and come with cool gadgets, but that "new truck" smell is going to fade quickly, and the cool gadgets are just going to cost you more. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on a new truck, you owe it to yourself to shop around for a used model. If you're still sold on the idea of a new truck, here are four reasons that will change your mind.

Less Cash Out of the Starting Gate

If you're shopping for a new semi truck, expect to pay out a hefty down payment. Because brand new trucks cost significantly more than used models, your down payment will be significantly more, too. Unfortunately, when you're starting out as an owner/operator, you might not have that large down payment the dealerships will be demanding. Save your money by shopping for a used truck instead. Better yet, put that money to good use elsewhere in your new business.

You Know You're Not Buying a Lemon

One of the problems with buying a new semi is that you never know when you're going to buy a lemon or get stuck with a truck model that will face multiple recalls in the future. Unfortunately, when you're an owner/operator, you can't afford the repair costs associated with owning a lemon or the downtime associated with constant repairs associated with recalls. When you buy a used semi, you know that you're buying a truck that's already been on the road a time or two, which means it's not a lemon. You also know that there aren't any current recall issues involving the truck.

No Huge Depreciation to Worry About

When you buy a brand new semi, its value takes a hit the minute you drive it off the lot. That depreciated value can be considerable with a new truck. However, used trucks don't depreciate in value that quickly, which means you'll be able to drive your truck for a while before it begins to depreciate.

Your Insurance Will Cost Less

You're going to need insurance on your truck before you can drive it off the lot. However, if you guy a used truck, you won't be spending as much to insure it. That's because insurance companies charge less to insure used trucks.

Now that you're venturing into the world of the owner/operator, do yourself a favor and buy a used truck. You'll save money upfront and in the long run. For more information, visit a used semi truck dealership, like Arrow Truck Sales.