3 Problems You Can Avoid By Hiring A Car Jumpstart Service

Anyone who's driven a car for any length of time has probably experienced the dreaded "click!" of a dead car battery. Getting into your vehicle in the morning and finding it dead as a doornail is never fun, but the situation can be even more frustrating if you're away from home when your battery finally gives up the ghost.

If you've followed the age-old advice about what to keep in your car for emergencies, you may even have a set of jumper cables stashed away in your trunk. While these are useful tools to have on hand for true emergencies, it's often better to call a professional to give you a jump when possible. Here are three frustrating problems you can avoid by calling a pro instead of relying on the kindness of strangers.

1. Repeat Battery Failures

It's not uncommon to jumpstart your car only to find that it dies again almost as soon as you get home. While limping to a better location might be marginally more convenient, you'll still need to deal with your dead battery problem. Unfortunately, this scenario occurs because it's often hard to know why your battery died in the first place.

The good news is that jumpstart services often have battery testing equipment aboard their trucks. These devices allow the technician who shows up to jumpstart your battery and test the health of your car's charging system. This test will let you know if you can keep using your current battery or if you need a replacement.

2. Electronics Damage

Have you ever considered how many electronic components a typical modern car contains? In addition to infotainment systems, driver assistance features, and other luxuries, your car also uses numerous electronic control modules. These modules control everything from the fuel-to-air ratio in your engine to your car's traction control system.

Many of these modules are highly sensitive to charging system issues, and the sudden jolt from a traditional jumpstart can potentially damage these expensive devices. Professional jumpstart services use specialized equipment to charge your battery without shocking your car's entire charging system, saving you from these costly problems.

3. Long Waits and Awkward Conversations

Even if you're outgoing, asking strangers for a jumpstart can be awkward. At best, you're asking people to potentially risk damage to their vehicle to lend a helping hand. At worst, you may suffer through plenty of rejection and find yourself waiting in the parking lot for longer than you might expect. Either way, it will make for a potentially very frustrating experience.

Calling a professional means skipping the drama and getting help quickly and without risking anyone else's car. If you want to get your car back on the road reliably, a jumpstart service is almost always the best option. For more information on car jumpstart services, contact a company near you.