Child Heading Back To College After The Holidays? How To Make Sure Their Car Is Ready For The Drive

If your college student is going to be heading back to the dorms after the holidays, you want to make sure that their car is up to the challenge. This is particularly important if they're going to be driving through rugged terrain, or snow-filled roads. The last thing you want is to have them end up stranded on the side of the road, waiting for help. Or worse, involved in an accident because their car wasn't up to the task. Before you send your college student back to school, look at the four automotive issues that could cause them problems along the way.

Dirty Transmission Fluid

You might not think about the transmission fluid all that often, especially if your child has a newer model car that doesn't have a dipstick. Unfortunately, just because there isn't a dipstick, doesn't mean that the transmission fluid doesn't wear out. It just means that you need to take the car to a transmission shop to have it looked at. If you can't remember servicing the transmission fluid, and your child can't either, head to the service department and have the transmission serviced before they head back to college. The transmission can't work properly if the fluid is contaminated.

Battery That's Lost Its Charge

If your child is going to be making several stops along the way between home and college, you owe it to them to have their battery tested. Old batteries begin to lose their charge, and once they do, it can be difficult for them to achieve the proper cranking amps in cold weather. Unfortunately, an old battery could leave your child stranded somewhere. Don't take chances. Have the battery tested before your child starts driving back to the dorms.

Brakes That are Wearing Thin

It's hard enough for brakes to work during the winter, without trying to rely on brakes that are worn out and damaged. Cold weather, road ice, snow and heavy rains can all do their number on automotive brakes. That's because a good portion of the brakes are exposed to the elements. Make sure your child's car has the stopping power it needs by having the brakes serviced.

Tires That are Low on Tread

During mild weather, you can safely drive your car with tires that have lost a portion of their tread. However, once the weather turns bad, with the snow, ice and heavy rains, you're going to want better tires on your child's car. If they're going to be driving in ice and snow, you actually want snow tires on their car. If you haven't switched the tires on your child's car, now's the time to take care of that for them. A new set of tires will help get your child back to college safely.