What Are Your Options For Roadside Assistance?

There are various options available when you are considering signing up for roadside assistance. In fact, you may already have some form of roadside assistance as a benefit from another service or a previous purchase.

The benefits provided by roadside assistance services can also vary in limitations, levels of service, and available options. You should do some research before deciding upon the roadside assistance program that will meet your needs.

Do you Already Have Roadside Assistance Benefits?

You may already have limited roadside assistance through one or more of your credit card providers. These assistance services usually provide access to roadside assistance providers rather than offering free or discounted services.

This type of service may still meet your needs if you just want the security and convenience of a contact number that can send assistance providers to the rescue when you need them.

If you've recently purchases a new vehicle, you may also have a roadside assistance benefit bundled into your limited bumper-to-bumper warranty. However, these types of warranties are only offered for a prescribed time or mileage limit, and may not reimburse for non-warranty related assistance such as tire punctures, running out of gas, or lockouts.

Choosing A Roadside Assistance Provider

While all providers offer basic assistance services, there are various plans that provide different levels of service. The basic services provided by roadside assistance include:

  • Starting vehicles with dead or weak batteries
  • Changing tires
  • Delivering fuel when vehicle is out of gas
  • Lockout services (unlocking vehicle with keys left inside)
  • Towing of disabled vehicles

Before choosing a roadside assistance provider and plan, you should first determine your average need for emergency services. Most basic plans allow at least two free service calls per year, with limited towing to the nearest repair facility. If you need more services within the contract year, you must pay for each additional event.

Towing beyond the plan limitations will be charged by each additional mile over the plan limit in a basic plan.

Mid or upper-level plans offer more services at an additional yearly membership cost. You will be entitled to additional free service calls, free fuel (enough to get you to a service station), and extended towing limitations. 

Some roadside assistance providers are starting to offer additional services, such as delivering and installing a new battery upon request instead of providing a "hotshot" start to a vehicle with a failing battery. This allows the driver to proceed to their destination without stopping to have their battery replaced.

Whatever level of roadside assistance you choose, it's nice to have the security of a toll-free number that will send someone to help you when you are on the side of a busy highway or in the middle of nowhere with vehicle trouble. Contact a company like Parkway Wrecker Service for more information and assistance.