3 Problems With Diesel Engines That Get Worse In Cold Weather

Diesel engines are often durable and reliable, but there are some problems that are unique to diesel motors, such as water, bad fuel, and problems in cold weather. During the winter months you may have problems with starting your car or a reduction in power. There are some solutions to solve diesel problems that get worse in cold weather, such as using a thinner oil and replacing heating plugs before cold weather comes. Here are the three most common cold-weather diesel problems that you may need help with:

1. Cold Weather and Fuel Flow Problems Affecting Performance

The cold weather during winter causes diesel fuels to become thicker and near the point of crystallization. When the temperatures dip too far below the freezing point, design fuels become more like a thick jelly rather than a smooth flowing fuel. The solution to problems with diesel flow is to use an additive that helps prevent the fuel from becoming thick and jelly-like. If you live in an area that gets extremely cold weather, it is a good idea to use one of these additives throughout the winter months.

2. Heavy Lubricants and Problems That Cause with Diesel in Cold Weather

The lubricants in any engine will affect performance during cold weather. This includes the oil, transmission, and brake fluids. With diesel engines, the problems are often worse. To ensure you do not have cold weather engine problems, consider having a diesel engine service change all the fluids for lubricants that have cold weather formulas to prevent these problems. With diesel engines, using a thinner oil will help solve some of your cold weather engine problems.

3. Diesel Heater Plugs Causing Problems with Starting and Performance

Unlike gasoline engines, diesel motors use heating plugs and pressure to create the energy needed. These heating plugs often cause problems during the coldest winter weather, which is why you may want to have a diesel engine repair service replace the heater plugs for cold weather. When you have them changed, use quality diesel engine plugs that are designed for reliable performance during cold weather conditions. As your diesel engine ages, this is a maintenance task that will need to be done more often.

These are some of the cold weather diesel problems that you will have to deal with this winter. Contact a diesel repair service like Scotty's Automotive Center to help find solutions for some of these common problems that may affect your diesel engine this winter.