Vehicle Registration About To Expire? How To Avoid Those Long Lines At The DMV

If you haven't renewed the registration on your car, you need to take care of that as soon as possible. If you've been avoiding the DMV because the lines are so long, you need to know that there are other options available for renewing your registration. Here are just four ways you can avoid long lines when renewing your car registration.

Make an Appointment

If you've never made an appointment for the DMV, you need to start doing that. Beginning your visit with an appointment can actually cut hours off your trip to the DMV. This is particularly beneficial when you're trying to renew registration before it expires. Not only that, but if it's still taking too long, you can simply place your payment in the box on the counter. Your payment and your renewal will be processed that day, and your tags will be mailed to you.

Use the Online Renewal Option

If you haven't been paying your renewal fees online, now's the time to start. Paying your renewal fees is quick and easy. Best of all, you can avoid the DMV altogether. Once your payment is submitted online, you'll be free to drive your car until the tags arrive in the mail. That's because using the online payment option updates the registration system immediately. If law enforcement runs your plates, they'll see that your registration has been paid. Not only that, but your insurance company will be notified as well.

Enroll in an Automobile Club

If you don't belong to an automobile club that offers things like roadside assistance, you should enroll in one this year. You might not know this, but most of these clubs allow you to pay your vehicle renewal fees right in the office. You'll save time on the renewal process, and you'll have roadside assistance for those driving emergencies.

Utilize a DMV Annex

You might not know this, but there are DMV annex offices that allow you to take care of things like vehicle registration renewal. Not only that, but some check cashing offices, and insurance companies also provide renewal services. To avoid long lines at your local DMV office, utilize the services of an annex instead.

If you've been avoiding the renewal of your vehicle registration because you don't want to deal with the DMV, stop procrastinating. Use the options listed above to get your registration renewed quickly and painlessly. You'll avoid the long lines and the added penalties can add up when your registration is past due.