Choosing a Roadside Assistance Provider Before You Hit the Road

Roadside assistance providers are springing up everywhere, and you can even get some level of coverage for roadside help through some insurance companies. For many people, roadside assistance is something they add when taking a trip that involves a lot of driving, but choosing the right provider can be difficult. 

Coverage Details

The coverage you can expect from the roadside assistance provider you are considering is critical, so you need to ask a lot of questions and look closely at the coverage before you choose a company. Many of these providers offer tiers of coverage, and the benefits are very different from one tier to the next, so you must be clear about what you get for your money. 

If you breakdown on the road, you need to know that you have enough coverage to deal with whatever situation you are in. Towing can be one of the things companies limit in the coverage, often only giving the member five miles of towing coverage on low tiers. If you are twenty miles from a service center, you will have to pay for the additional fifteen miles out of pocket. 

The coverage may cover many things like tire changes and fuel delivery. Still, even that can be limited to a couple of gallons of gas, so be sure to check all the benefits in detail before selecting the roadside assistance provider you are going to use. 

Insurance Included Roadside Coverage

Often there is roadside assistance coverage available as part of your car insurance, but many people are not aware of it. It is a good idea to ask your insurance agent about any coverage included with your insurance or add-on coverage available to you. 

Compare the insurance cost and coverage with the cost of the private coverage to see if one is a better value than the other before you choose which one to use. If the insurance company includes service, even at a basic tier, you may want to use that one to save some cost. Keep in mind, however, if you are driving through areas with long stretches of empty road, you want to be sure that the roadside coverage will come to you even if you are many miles from the nearest town.

24/7 Coverage

You should ask about the coverage times as well. The best coverage will allow you to get a tow truck to your location no matter what time of day or night and even on the weekends. If your coverage is limited to specific hours of the day, you could have to wait a long time for service, or you may have to call a tow company and pay for then tow yourself.